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“Captain Abu Raed” on Michael Moore’s favorite film list

Immortal’s Laith Majali is a “strange” fellow, when I gave him the link to the following article, his reaction was “yeah Michel Moore is a big fan of our film “Captain Abu Raed”, he said it as if Mr. Moore praises young Jordanian film makers on a daily basis, if it were up to him we probably wont be posting about this on our blog. I admire Laith for many things but his ability even at such a young age to keep a level head is a trait I really respect, I mean the kid finished his degree five years ago and already he is giving the commencement speech at his alma mater Elon University this May. His first effort in the film industry with director Amin Matalqa won them 28 international awards including Sundance in 2008, yet his hunger , determination and work ethic to take Middle Eastern film, photography and music to unchartered waters is unparralled.

I know some of you are going to think that I am writing this cause he is my partner in crime at Immortal , but the man’s work speaks for itself , and I am pretty sure that the good people at Sundance and Mr. Moore know a thing or two about artistry.

The film is available on DVD right now, you can buy it here or add it to your queue if you have Netflix


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