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Leica street photography, pics of the day 4 by Nasser Kalaji

Immortal Photography by Nasser Kalaji,

Friday is an interesting day to shoot in Amman, since its a day off a lot of people hit downtown for different purposes, in two hours yesterday I came across workers from Egypt, Sudan, India, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka, An Amish / Mormon couple ( If you know by looking at the photo please let me know )

Thinking that I am a tourist this dude, offered to take my picture, gotta love his shirt.

The diversity of Arabs on the streets, these brothers were from Sudan

I would kill to know what was going through this lady’s mind as I approached them and to snap the picture.

I though this was very symbolic picture, the struggle that these kids will one day face  in this part of the world.

These ancient Roman ruins are almost 2000 years old,  thats why I love Amman, where else can you drive ten minutes and do street photography amid ancient ruins?

Ya I am taking a picture , what ya gonna do about it?


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