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Leica Street photography.PIC of the day 5 Nasser Kalaji

This will be the last pic of the entry for a while, at least I think it will be, instead future entries will focus on the economic realities of Eastern Amman and other parts of the kingdom. “What are you shooting?” is a question that a street photographer is certain to hear on any given shoot. This question becomes even more profound in a society ( The Arab world and the Middle East in general )that cherishes its privacy like few other in the world, I also think that every photographer has to answer that question to themselves as a certain point . Do I want a career out of this? Do I want to sell prints? Get assignments from the New York Times and similar publications ?

Shooting extensively over the last few months and specially in Amman , I found my reason , at least for the time being , I am shooting with the intention of capturing the harsh economic realities that many people here in Jordan are facing.

The number of women who wear the khimar has increased dramatically in Jordan over the last decade, how are economic conditions related to this increase?

With around 60% of the population under the age the age of 25, the youth are set to play the defining role in our country’s future , whats going on in these minds? Who is documenting what they think about what they aspire for? Why do they think this way? What does the fact that one sees bearded young men in the same volumes as those with the latest hair styles ? What does it mean that this holds true even in the less prosperous areas

Working at dads middle eastern falafel stand.

Collecting cardboards for recycling ,must have been 12 or 13 years old.


One response

  1. Kamal Taher

    Guys this is awsome !! I love the pics they tell a great story, I would love to see them in an exhabition. I do feel like Jordan is a country of contrasts and contradictions and your pictures capture the essence of that contradiction. Keep up the great work I’m a fan !!
    Kamal Taher

    March 16, 2010 at 8:53 am

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