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Cities, People, Perspectives with Leica – Dance of fire.

By :Nasser Kalaji


This past Friday I went to the  Nicomachus cultural center in Ajloun , Jordan to attend a private concert. The Centre is a realisation of a Pythagorean ideal in which music and mathematics, representing art and science, are thought of as two complementary products of the human spirit. The idea is to provide a venue for interdisciplinary persuits with emphasis on music and mathe- matics and to honor a first century mathematician and music theorist, a citizen of Jerash, Nicomachus of Gerasa, whose far reaching influence on the development of music and mathematics is well recognised.

This concert was  essentially an elaborate private party supported by family and friends.  It served as the farm’s owners  way of testing the viability of  organizing such events  in the remote mountains of Ajlun.The concert included Zeina Asfour (Pianist) ,  Hala Hachim ( Soprano), Taoufiq Mir Khan (Qanun player), Mohammad Taha (percussionist) ,  Ahmah Khatib ( Sufi Darwish ) . The concert  featured the work of timeless classics that included the work of Rameau , Vivaldi  ,Mohammad Abdul Wahab , Haitham Sukkarieh and Bach .

The dancer was of a particular interest for me because of the deep rooted history in this art form and because  it was the fist time I see such  dancers attach small light bulbs to their uniforms which made the visual expirience an interesting one.


One response

  1. nadia

    Its amazing eventhough I watched sufi dancer recently and they were turkish but never across my mind they could lighten up them selves in such a creative way,
    nice shots Leica

    November 5, 2010 at 8:03 am

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