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Immortal Entertainment projects 2010

A lot of people have been asking us about what is it that we do exactly and what projects we have lined up. Well not really ,I just like to make it seem that there are people out there interested in our work.

Anyways here is a brief about all the projects we are currently involved in.

After the enormous success of Laith’s first feature film as a producer and an editor, Captain Abu Raed, ( Winner of the Sundance Audience award 2008 as well as 27 other international awards) , he and I teamed up to form Immortal Entertainment with the vision to cultivate and incubate different projects in film, photography and music. The basis on which our platform was built was that we will seek to work on projects that deal with the realities of problems and issues in the Arab world. Basically we are inspired by the realties of the urban landscape  of the world we live in.


1- Abandoned :I  began working on developing the synopsis for our first feature film  in late 2008. The working title of the film is “Abandoned” .  It tells a story about orphans and the underworld in Amman, when I had a clear vision of what the story line was going to be, we called upon the skills of amazingly talented Nizar Wattad, a Palestinian -American screen writer who gratefully accepted to spend six weeks with us developing the treatment for the film. The treatment has generated a considerable amount of interest in the region, Europe and America and we hope that by the end of this year we will be able to sign a deal to start the pre-production for the film.

2-Voice of the Valley tells the inspiring story of two Muslim Jordanian women Asma, 26, and Munira, 25. Despite the government’s refusal to issue them a license, with no formal journalistic training, and having had to face backlash from men in their community, they produce and broadcast a groundbreaking social and political radio program from Amman called “Voice of the Valley.”Through their radio program they expose the many issues that negatively affect the inhabitants of the Jordan Valley, a severely neglected agricultural region in Jordan.This film also strives to highlight the detrimental problems facing the men, women and children living in the Jordan Valley such as the water shortage, poverty, corruption within the local government, and neglect—problems which have not been addressed by governmental officials in Amman, the capital city.Immortal is working with two truly remarkable , talented, brave and visionary American film directors Leila Jarman and Elspeth Dehnert who were also crazy enough to travel to the Middle East without speaking a word of Arabic and started working on this project on their own. The efforts of these two women are truly humbling and we are very grateful for the chance to work with them.  Immortal’s involvement in the film is extensive, we are handling the post production phase, Laith is also editing the film and through our local contacts and understanding of the country and its culture we were able to link Asma and Munira with the highest government officials whose minisitries and deparments are directly responsible for conditions in the Jordan Valley . Immortal does not simply seek projects that expose problems and issues in the region , we set out to find solutions for these issues and conncect people who are in position to bring about change.


Our involvement in hip hop movement is very interesting , because when we set out to do this project the aim was to document the movement, now we are producing music videos, photo essays , organizing shows , connecting musicians , visual artists, DJs and rappers together , locally and internationally. We are no longer  just documenting the movement ,we are at the very heart of it all.

As of now we are currently working on projects with MC Amin , Arabian Knightz, Ahmad Fishawi, DJ Lethal Skillz and Omar Offendum,  producing music videos for them as well as several other projects.. The Legendary DJ Lethal Skillz of Beirut is also working with us on several fronts, through him we are producing mix tapes, music videos and promotions for his upcoming album . He is also co-producing an album for one of the most promising young rappers out there, this album will be an Immortal entertainment product.

On the international scene, Immortal made history when it brought out the legendary  Mochilla crew out to the Middle East for the first time, introducing them to artists in Beirut and Amman , and throwing what is without a doubt the best two hip hop shows to be ever held in Amman and Beirut, building on that success , Immortal will be working with Mochilla again this summer in July , when we hope to host the Mochilla crew along with some memebers of their extended family out in LA for a regional tour that will include shows, building with local rappers, musicians and DJ’s through jam sessions etc. This will be the musical event of the summer in the region, we promise you this, if you thought those January shows were amazing then prepare to get your minds blown away in July.


Laith Majali: Photography for me is more than just snapping pictures, photography is my window to life. I spend my time roaming the streets of the world looking for moments to capture and freeze in time, I look for interactions between human beings, and through that i come to understand the world I live in. I picked up photography seriously in 2005 and since then I have traveled the world documenting the human condition. I take a special interest in culture and social documentary work. Over the past 3 years I have been working on my first photography book, which focuses on the rise of Arab Hip Hop world wide. My work has been featured in international and regional magazines and I’ve had my work exhibited in Jordan, London, Italy , Egypt and the US.

Last year I got one of the most difficult assignments I had to shoot so far. I was to shadow HM King Abdullah of Jordan for a month and photograph him for the royal archives. This project has been one of the most challenging but one of the most fulfilling experiences too.

I still love shooting film, I photograph with a selection of old and new cameras and I still believe I got lots to learn.

You can see some of my personal work on :

Nasser Kalaji

I bought my first camera in Oct 2009,  in March 2010 , after going online with my work for two weeks, I was contacted by Leica , the worlds finest camera maker to work on the V lux 20 project with them.  In April I was lucky enough to be awarded a schoalrship by the Foundary photojournalism workshop which is made up from the finest photojournalists in the world. I will be attending their workshop in June this year.

I am a lucky fool , the laptop I am using to write this entry is about half the yearly income of an avergage citizen in my country. I studied in private schools and for higher education I went abroad, opportunities that are seldom available for most of my fellow citizens and as such I feel that it is my duty to document the conditions and realities of  those who are less fortunate wherever I travel. Since Oct I documented conditions on the streets of Indonesia, Thailand, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, England, Holland  and Germany . My work can be viewed on our blog. , on Leica’s travel website .com and here . My photography will also be featured in travel magazine in the UK next month.

Lastly we would like to thank all our friends, families and fellow artists who have shown us immense support, encouragement , constructive criticism and love.

You taking pride in our work means the world to us , more than anything it pushes us to keep on delivering work that makes all those who are assocaited with us proud.

Immortal , coming soon to a mind near you.

Nasser Kalaji and Laith Majali.


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  2. Keep up the good work boys, your last hip hop party was definitely a success, hope to see more music events and more movies in the works sometime soon.

    Peace and God Speed

    May 20, 2010 at 6:01 am

  3. i just saw my mum posted this on her facebook page.. i tihnk u have a new number 1 fan!!!!! shes taking over hahaha…. big love xxx

    May 27, 2010 at 3:17 pm

  4. If only I had a quarter for each time I came to… Superb writing.

    May 28, 2010 at 4:05 am

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