Coming to a Mind Near You

While you were fasting.

It takes weeks if not months for us to post projects we work on; this one however is very different. This week I tagged along with the wonderful people of “Smile in a Box” an initiative geared towards securing poor families with food items and hot meals during the month of Ramadan. I say this project is different because I think that not a lot of people in Jordan recognize just how bad things are for the poor here . Coupled with the fact that even the affluent part of society has been hit hard by the economic crisis and thus less people are donating money and time for such causes, I hope that this will help raise awareness and prompt you dear readers to perhaps help out with this cause or any other ones that you feel is well worth your money and time. This effort will never come close to solving the injustice our brothers and sisters face, but it will, at least for a few days, put a smile on their faces.

For many families, trash is a major source of income and food, people go through it mainly for bread, they then put it out in the sun so it dries and eat it with tea so it become softer.

This is dinner . Long term impact on health is very destructive , as most of this bread comes straight from the trash cans.

Kids prepare to get their food packages and hot meals.

The east has a spirit that is seldom seen in West Amman.

every woman and child in this picture is either an orphan or a widow.

one of the widows showed me this picture of her dead husband. He left four kids behind and because of our" laws", his kids were not granted citizenship since he was Egyptian.

This hit me the hardest, one man, age 67, with 11 people to cater for including a mentally disabled girl. He gets around 60 jod from the ministry of Social development , ( $90) per month.


One response

  1. ghazwa malhas

    It is not politically correct to say what i want to say, but before we give them money and food let us tell them that too much unprotected sex will be dangerous for their children’s future. they will live in povert and beg again for food and money.

    August 15, 2011 at 7:44 am

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